Hey, there. I bet you didn’t expect to end up here, did you?

If you’re coming over from the On Purpose Project, don’t worry, the internet didn’t break. I just invoked the not-so-magical powers of the “redirect” to guide you over here to my old stomping grounds.

The things is, I’ve got a full roster of 22 amazing business leaders that I’m mentoring + an exciting lineup of private workshops I’m teaching and I’m just plain at capacity right now. So while I’m not taking on any more client work for the time being, I’d still love to connect.

Drop me a line and let’s grab a coffee. Because if you took the time to stop by, I bet we have something to talk about.



I work with leaders to clarify their message and live out their purpose.

StoryBrand Certified Guide

Former expat / International Development professional

Backyard adventurer + taco aficionado

Book worm and avid researcher



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